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On Ludwig Grassler’s „Trail of Dreams“ across all Mountains

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Crossing the Alps on Ludwig Grassler’s „TRAUMPFAD“

The idea to walk the Munich-Venice Ludwig Grassler’s „Traumpfad“ (free translation = „Trail of Dreams“) came up in summer 2004, during a 10-day Karwendel crossing from North (Krün) to South and back to Gießenbach, when we first flipped through a picture book on the “Traumpfad München – Venedig” at the „Halleranger-Alm“ with the author of the book and inventor of the trail, Ludwig Grassler, who happened to be sitting next to us in the hut that evening, though we did not know him until then.

So by chance a great conversation with Ludwig Grassler developed on the Halleranger-Alm and at the same time our idea grew to “walk” the trail of dreams from Munich to Venice one day by ourselve.

The realization of our idea was only to be taken up again many years later, after several professional and spatial changes within Germany, even if the thoughts of this idea and the plans were always present during the annual mountain holiday in the meantime.

In 2020, this old plan and idea should finally be realised, after our son, Carsten, graduates from school this year and the summer before his further education almost forced itself upon him. Thus, already in December 2019 we started to study the route via various guides and reports or experiences from the Internet and subsequently defined the stages. After all, contacts with huts and inns were made already at the turn of the year 2019/20 – not because it would have been mandatory at that time, but because I myself had to make my own holiday planning for 2020 to my employees and colleagues until the end of January.

This website was initially intended for quick documentation by the blog author. It was furthermore intended to provide status information for selected addressees, mainly via pictures and short texts on the stages. After the tour, we then added some experiences as well as a few tips and information in the hope that it might be interesting and helpful for one or the other. And finally, this website and the stage blog should and will certainly also be a long and beautiful memory for us.

Start at July, 09th 2020

Together with my wife Ines at the top of the „Allalinhorn“ (4027m), in Switzerland
…. and on the peak of the „Strahlhorn“ (4190m) – directly opposite to the famous „Matterhorn“ (also in Switzerland).

Latest Contributions

31.Juli: Rifugio 7° Alpini (1502m)

10,9 km ||  +1000m / -1180m6hschwer / KS (Via Ferrata Marmol !!)ultimativ „geile“ Etappe Tel. (Hütte): (+39) 0437 – 941 631 ePost (Hütte): Die heutige Etappe hat etwas Trauriges und äußerst Erfreuliches zugleich: Es ist leider unsere letzte echte Alpenetappe aber gleichzeitig auch die technisch (nicht konditionell) mit Abstand anspruchsvollste bzw. schwierigste Etappe. Nach…

24.Juli: Rifugio Capanna Piz Fassa (3152m – Piz Boé)

16,75 km ||  +1540m / -885m 5h 50min schwer (2 kurze aber einfache Klettersteige); Höhepunkt der Gesamttour nach Venedig! Regen – später Schneefall u. Frost !!! Tel. (Hütte):(+39) 336 45 25 23 (m) || (+39) 0462 601 723 ePost (Hütte) Nach dem bislang schlechtesten, weil geringsten und einfachsten Frühstück auf der Puezhütte stand heute die…

15.Juli: Lizumer Hütte (2019m)

15,6km ||  +802m / -1362m5h 40minschwer!! (Glungezer-Geier-Steig) Tel. (Hütte): (+43) 5224 – 52 111 Mobil: (+43) 664 – 9272 117 ePost (Hütte): Motto heute: „Schneller als die Kaltfront!“ Für heute war seit Tagen das Überqueren einer Kaltfront im Nordalpenraum angekündigt. Erschwerend kam für uns hinzu, dass unsere ursprünglich geplante Route zur Lizumer Hütte, der…

The course of our Alpine Stages on our route to Venice
Vertical profile of the „Trail of Dreams“ between zwischen Obergries (Bad Tölz) and Venice (525km Strecke):
The peak height of 3.152m was reached at the top of Piz Boé in the Dolomites

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